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Aviator kennel was founded in 1987 with a goal of producing dogs who are healthy, consistently high-quality and are placed with homes where dogs are treasured and loved. Aviator has produced Dalmatians since 1987 and Portuguese Water Dogs since 1995. Well Over 400 dogs have been placed in the United States and around the world including England, Denmark, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, China, and Canada.

Aviator has produced over 220 AKC Champions in both breeds with multiple National Specialty and Regional Specialty winners as well as 55 Best in Shows.

Cathy Dugan is an AKC Judge for Dalmatians, Portuguese Water Dogs, Rottweilers, Boxers, and All-Breed Junior Showmanship. She is in the process for approval for judging another dozen breeds. Mike Dugan is the author of over 70 articles in national dog magazines.


Annual Review 2015-2021

Aviator Kennel has received many honors for their breeding program and excellent dogs, including:
  • Winning the first Breeder's Showcase competition in 2009 as the Best Breeder in the United States - all breeds.

  • They were the runner-up in the Showcase in 2010.

  • Aviator was honored as the Top Working Group Breeder in 2011.

  • They were the #3 Qualifier for the PWDCA Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award for health testing, and titles in conformation, water work and performance venues in 2015.

  • Qualifiers in 2017 for the PWDCA Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award.

  • First Portuguese Water Dogs AKC Breeders of Merit Award in 2011.

  • PWD Breeder of Merit Award - Gold to Cathy Dugan - 2018.

  • PWD Breeder of Merit Award - Silver to Mike Dugan - 2018.

  • Over 140 Portuguese Water Dog AKC Champions in conformation, water work, and multiple performance venues.

  • Over 75 Dalmatian AKC Champions.

  • Over 55 Best in Shows in the United States, Australia, South Korea, The Philippines, England (including Crufts), Germany, Italy (including the World Dog Show, BOB) Portugal, and Canada.

Owners Cathy Dugan, a hospice nurse, and Michael Dugan, a lawyer, are Active breeders and are committed to placing outstanding dogs in outstanding homes. They now only raise Portuguese Water Dogs and have written over 70 articles for major national dog magazines such as ShowSight, Working Dog Digest, The Courier, and Dogs in Review.

Of the five PWDs invited to compete at Westminster in 2016, three are Aviator dogs:

ACE, GCH CH Aviators Blackjack Legacy RN COCA, owned by John and Sarah Brock, GA.

ODIN, GCH CH Asta’s Nyte Flyte COC (Ladybug’s grandson) owned by Jo Belton and Bill
Waters, NV.

MANLEY, GCH CH Aviators Lady’s Man De Remis, owned by Remy Smith-Lewis and Julie Conger, CA.

Of the Top Twenty PWDs for 2015, six are Aviator dogs:

ACE, ODIN and MANLEY, plus:

PIRATE, GCH CH Aviators Legacy Of A Bygone Era, owned by Jolene and Jerry Simons, CA.

FRIDA, GC CH Aviators Artistic Freedom, owned by Mark Ulrich, MO.

MIKEY, GC CH Baywatch Symphony Of The Sea, (Anchor’s son) owned by Deb and Dave Rotenberg, PA.

For 2015, all of the #1 ranked PWDs (breed) have been Aviator dogs:

ACE - #1 Jan-June.

ODIN, #1 July.

MANLEY, #1 August-December.

Major Competition:
BEST OF BREED, World Dog Show, Milan, Italy:

SONHO. CH Aviators Renaissance Of A Bygone Era, owned by Peter and Silke Schmidt, GER.
Nearly 30,000 dogs were entered at this year’s World Dog Show.

BEST OF BREED, PWD Nationals Specialty:

Won by MANLY in Michigan.

BEST OF BREED, PWD Regional Specialties Northern and Southern California:

Both won by MANLY.

New Champions 2015:

ABIGAIL, CH Aviator s Girl Gone Wild, owned by Bill and Elena Howard, ID.

DEJA, CH Aviators Encore Of A Bygone Era, owned by Mike and Cathy Dugan, CA.

ADDY, CH Aviators Enduring Freedom, owned by Don and Donna Bostwick, CA.

LALIQUE, CH Aviators Lucky Lady At Spyglass, owned by Mile and Cathy Dugan, CA.

KEELER, CH Aviators Reflections Of A Bygone Era, owned by Bill and Toni McHugh, CAN.

MIKEY, GCH CH Baywatch Symphony Of The Sea, owned by Deb and Dave Rotenberg, PA.

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